Breakspace Logo in Orange
Free weekly drop-in introductory Breaking (“Breakdance”) workshops and sessions facilitated by Nick NewGen.
Encouraging the opportunity to learn about HipHop and its Dance.
BreakSpace is a pilot program to facilitate the growth of the HipHop dance community and the NS dance scene in general.
BreakSpace offers the opportunity to those who want to start learning or practice their Breaking moves. Breaking is one of the four original elements of HipHop along with DJing, MCing, and Graffiti Writing. Breaking is the dance element of HipHop that has a rich history and foundation- which is what BreakSpace aims to share.
BreakSpace advocates the use of the term ‘Break’ while acknowledging the historical importance of the terms ‘Bboy/Bgirl’. However to truly attain the HipHop mentality of full inclusivity, the gender-neutral term ‘Breaking’ was and is utilized.
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