The Road to Prague

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Left to Right: Coralee Kelly, Alessia Silveyra, Michaela Salomon

Nova Scotia Youth Dancers Embark on a Global Journey with Team Canada

In the province of Nova Scotia, a trio of exceptionally talented dancers from Lower Sackville’s Motion Dance Centre are preparing to make waves on the international stage. What started as a routine audition for World Performers Canada has turned into a remarkable journey, with three Nova Scotia youth dancers earning the prestigious opportunity to represent Team Canada at the World Cup National Finals in Prague, Czech Republic.

Trained in ballet, jazz, acro, contemporary, hip hop and tap, these three dedicated dancers heeded the encouragement of their beloved teacher, Sara Corkum, and took a leap of faith by auditioning for World Performers Canada. To their surprise and sheer delight, each of them secured an invitation to join Team Canada, marking a momentous achievement in their dance careers.

Now these 3 dancers, Coralee Kelly (13 – Acro), Alessia Silveyra (13 – Hip Hop/Contemporary), and Michaela Saloman (12 – Jazz/Contemporary/Acro) are preparing for the most exciting moment yet in their dance careers. For these young dancers, dance is more than a hobby—it’s a way of life. Having dedicated countless hours to perfecting their craft, they now stand at the threshold of an incredible opportunity to showcase Nova Scotia talent on the global stage.

With diverse backgrounds, resiliency, and passion that mirrors the heart of their communities, these dancers embody true spirit. Their unique blend of creativity and technique, cultivated through training in various dance forms, promises to captivate audiences and exemplify the richness of Canadian culture.

Recognizing the power of dance as a tool for cultural exchange, the trio views their representation of Team Canada as an opportunity to transcend language barriers and bring people together. By sharing their rich cultural heritage with the world, they hope to foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Beyond personal aspirations, these dancers are committed to a larger mission. They aim to use their platform to raise awareness about the talented dancers in Nova Scotia and advocate for more training opportunities within the province. As they chase their dreams of becoming professional dancers, they hope to pave the way for future generations to find success while staying close to home.


Helping Dancers Get to Prague

With determination in their hearts, these dancers are gearing up for a series of fundraising activities, including bake sales, friendship bracelet sales, and danceathons. However, they acknowledge that these efforts may not be enough to cover the costs of their journey. As a team, they have set a collective fundraising goal of $15,000 ($5,000 per dancer) and are reaching out to their community for support.

They have also set up a donation page utilizing the Dance Nova Scotia Partnership Program. Donations can be made directly at:


The journey from Nova Scotia to Prague is not just a geographical one; it’s a representation of dreams, aspirations, and the power of community support. As these three dancers prepare to take center stage, their story serves as an inspiration for all aspiring artists in Nova Scotia, proving that with passion, dedication, and unity, the world can become a stage where dreams come to life. Join them in their quest by supporting their fundraising efforts and being part of this extraordinary dance expedition.

We look forward to watching their journey to Prague and the Dance World Cup alongside their fellow Canadians.


The Dancers in Their Own Words

Coralee Kelly
“Acro has meant a lot to me because it’s the first sport I truly enjoyed.  I’ve never wanted to do so much of one sport.  Dancing has brought me peace and I’m happy I decided to make dance my passion.”

Alessia Silveyra
“Dance has been my passion since I was about 5 years old. It’s not just a hobby for me, it’s a way of life. I’ve dedicated countless hours to perfecting my form, technique and my pointed feet. The opportunity to showcase my talent while representing our country on a global stage would be a dream come true. I believe that dance is a powerful tool for cultural exchange. It transcends language barriers and brings people together. I can’t wait to share our rich cultural heritage with the world. I am ready and promise to give my all to make our country and NOVA SCOTIA proud!”

Michaela Salomon
“I have been dancing since I was 4 years old. Dance is my safe place, my happy place. It calms me down and it takes my mind off everything that is going on. It’s just me and the music.

This opportunity I have to be part of a world class team means the world to me, it proves that my hard work is paying off and I am so excited to show my passion to the world.”

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